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Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreter in London

A consecutive interpreter facilitates communication between English and Spanish speakers in:

  • Small business meetings,
  • Training sessions,
  • Appraisal and staff meetings,
  • International tours,
  • Trade fair visits,
  • Interviews,
  • Press conferences,
  • Awards ceremonies.

The consecutive interpreter takes part in the meeting/event and takes notes to render the speakers' ideas after they pause.

You speak. The interpreter takes notes. You pause. The interpreter renders your message in the other language.

Therefore, you must allow extra time for your meetings when working with a consecutive interpreter, because the discourse of one person is broken down into segments to allow for the interpreter to convey the message in the language of the other participants


Work with an interpreter

Consecutive interpreting is suitable for interactive conversations.

No equipment is required (unless you connect online).

The interpreter needs to take notes comfortably while listening to the speakers. 

She will then reproduce your speech as if you were speaking in another language. 

Keep eye contact with your interlocutors to create rapport, even if you rely on the interpreter's help.


Interpreting requires preparation.

Please contact us at least two weeks before your meeting or event to book our services.

Interpreting is generally charged per half a day, including preparation costs. 

When we receive details about your event, we will provide information about the most convenient solution according to your requirements, the needs of the participants, the context, and audience.

Why choose us?

Experienced consecutive interpreter on stage, TV, in boardrooms, press conferences, training centres, face to face and online meetings.